Shai'moya is the stage name for Christian Rap Artist and composer Shaimoya Williams, whose truthful lyrics and love for Christ shaped him into the artist he is today. Throughout his childhood and adolescent ages writing and creating music has always been an outlet for him. He began recording songs on a 1st generation apple lap top, with intrumentals and the microphone built into his headphones. He independently released his first song "Unconditional" in 2017 under his given name. The track was geared towards a traditional gospel audience. Then understanding the essence of being himself he used the lyrical gift that has always been inside and released his single entitled "44 Bars" September 14th 2018. The song is filled with his raw emotion and assurance of his love for Christ. He has now taken on the stage name Shai'moya which is very simply his name with an apostrophe between "i" and "m". "I'm" is the contraction word for I am. In exodus 3:14 God referred to himself as "I AM" when he told Moses he will give him what to say. Shaimoya inserted the apostrophe to demonstrate that I Am (which is God) is within him and giving him what to say.

Austin's CHH artist Shai'moya is determined to share Gods love through his music everyday. He is looking to release an album in the beginning the year of 2019 entitled HIStory. With his drive and strong will for creation, there will be much great things in store.

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