Whenever I have the occasion to offer an explanation as to why I sing and play-why I worship, my response is the same, “God put in me a song. And when I sing, when I play, when I worship - I feel His pleasure.” For me, the joy of song, the holy obsession to worship through rhythm and melody, begins in sacred fellowship with my Savior.

In quiet moments with the Lord, when I am at rest in His presence, is when the veil between heaven and earth is at its thinnest. These are the times when I am closest to my God. These are the times when I am stripped of agendas and personal desires. These are the times when I am, before the Lord, naked, unashamed and in awe like Adam; my cells awakened with the breath of my Creator.

When we worship, through the offering of praise to God, we sing back the truth and grace that He has given to us; we agree with His promises and come in agreement with His righteousness, surrendering ourselves. Music has this marvelous ability to melt away the years of wax that we sometimes allow to build up around the heart and mind. It pushes past the hurt and sorrow to open the worshiper up to experience God's truth, breaking through with the life giving water of the Word.

It is my sincere hope to get the opportunity to support your next event, conference, church or even home group by providing a worship experience that brings us all closer into the presence of the risen Savior where we can be forever changed for His glory.

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