Brittany Kyle Pintsch, born in Tyler, TX August 31, 1986 is an American Singer Songwriter. Growing up, she was exposed to many different genres of music leading to her love of music. She started writing in high school and sang in church growing up. Due to negativity and being told she wasn’t good enough she put music on the back burner. She has recently gained a new love and outlook for music and confidence in herself. She released her first EP worldwide, DWELL, in August of 2017 and is working on completing her album with an eclectic style, which will bring confidence and hope. She was nominated in 2018 for artist of the week on Radio Airplay. Since then she has released a new single " Fireflies in the Night" in September of 2018. She has been featured as an artist giving her testimony and sharing her music on multiple platforms. In January 2020 she will be a featured artist on Royalty 4 Real Radio for Women as they launch their internet radio. “My why is to give a voice to those who feel beat down and broken; that words don’t define you but can re-fire you; that there is hope and they can do anything they set their minds to.”

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